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Sunflower seed Vitamin E oil extract

  • 01/15/2018 10:57:29 AM
  • Plant extract,herbal extract,natural extract,natural oil
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Product Name:Sunflower seed Vitamin E oil 

CAS NO.: 59-02-9

Appearance: Light yellow-brownish red liquid.

Detection Method: HPLC

Purity: 99%

EINECS NO.: 218-197-9

Specification: 1000iu,1200iu, 1300iu, 1400iu.

Product Description

Natural vitamin E (d-α tocopherol) It can delay aging and keep youthful. Experiments show that: human cells to reproduce and split 50 times will die, and treated with vitamin E cells can be split more than 120 times, the cell life extension of 2.4 times, that is, vitamin E can slow down 2.4 times.

D-α tocopherol is a light yellow to brownish red, clear, viscous oil. It has a mild, characteristic odour and taste, and its biological avtivity is three times higher than synthetic VE.

Product Functions

1.Anti-aging effect.

2.The anti-fatigue effect.

3.Protect the reproductive.

4.Improve cardiovascular.

5.Hairdressing action.

6.Treatment of gastric ulcer.

Product Applications

1.Food additives.



4.Feed additive supplement.

5.As antioxidant.

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