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Ethyl maltol CAS NO.4940-11-8

  • 01/15/2018 4:13:22 PM
  • Plant extract,herbal extract,natural extract,natural oil
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Product Name:Ethyl maltol

CAS No.:4940-11-8

MF: C7H8O3


Appearance:White Crystalline Powder


EINECS: 225-582-5

Text Mwthond:HPLC

Product Description

Ethyl Maltol can be used as flavours and has a fragrant odor. Ethyl Maltol can still preserve its sweetness and aroma after it is dissolved in the water. And its solution is stable. As an ideal food additive, Ethyl Maltol features safety, innocuity,wide application, good effect and little dosage.

Product Functions

1.Improve the performance of raw materials

After the addition of ethyl maltol in the processing of poultry products, ethyl maltol will complex with iron ions in myoglobin to prevent the degradation of myoglobin into an iron-free porphyrin-globulin complex Things. As the globulin complex is easily further decomposed under normal conditions, half of its product is a porphyrin with a light green color, thereby affecting the flavor and quality of poultry products. The presence of ethyl maltol will prevent the degradation of myoglobin, or pink canned cooked meat without adding nitrite. Ethyl maltol also has the taste of removing raw materials, to maintain long-term fragrance flavor.

2.Increase the product’s aroma characteristics

During the processing of poultry products, ethyl maltol can react with the amino acids in the meat, significantly increase the meatiness of the product, and maximize the meat flavor with different effects on the meat. Ethyl maltol showed different cotton candy taste at high concentration, which showed a sweet and fragrant smell when heated, with a fruity odor and high solubility, which could be sublimated at a lower temperature to make it fragrant. Into the efficacy of saccharin food, but also make it produce hysteresis and strong reduce bitterness.

3.Coordinate the overall product flavor characteristics

Ethyl maltol as a base material in the processing of poultry products does not highlight its own aroma, but to enhance, modify and stabilize the overall flavor system. So that some of the product odor or aroma and so on further amendments and enhancements, so that the characteristics of the product more perfect, mellow, and coordination.

Product Applications

Ethyl maltol has remarkable fruit flavor and improves and increases the fruit-sweet flavor and the taste of the product and also removes the uncomfortable taste or smell such as bitter, irritation and tartness. It can be widely applied to dried fruit produce, nature fruit juice, beverage, wine, milk products, soy sauce, herb medicine, cosmetic and all kind of flavor and fragrance compound, special effect on tobacco flavor.

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