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Cactus Extract powder for Medicine and Health care products industry

  • 08/31/2018 11:09:45 AM
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Product Name: Cactus Extract

Latin name: Opuntia dilenini

Grade: Medicine grade

Appearance: Yellow powder

Form:  Powder

Detection Method: UV

Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction

Product Description

The cactus extract powder is extracte from roots and stems of Opuntia dillenii Haw with function of weight loss, lowering blood sugar, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory. It contains powerful antioxidants, may be helpful in gastic ulcer prevention, has blood lipid and cholesterol lowering potential, and may even ease hangover symptoms. Consumption of prickly pear extract decreases oxidative damage to lipids, and improves antioxidant status in healthy humans.


Product Function

1. Weight Loss:

Cactus extract contains a substance called alcohol acid, which can inhibit the growth of fat; cactus contains triterpenoid saponins, triterpenoids which is necessary for the body of material, and they can directly regulate body function and regulation of secretion of lipase activity to promote rapid decomposition of excess fat, and can effectively prevent fat absorption in the intestine, inhibit fat synthesis in the liver against deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, gradual weight loss.

2. Hypoglycemic:

Cactus extract contains a variety of flavonoids, like quercetin glycosides -3- grapes, with a clear hypoglycemic effect, it can effectively improve Type II diabetes glucose metabolism

3. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory:

Cactus extract powder can be against Staphylococcus aureus, Proteus, Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus cereus, which can be inhibited effectively.


Product Application

1. In pharmaceutical field, cactus extract used as capsules or pills.

2. In cosmetic field, prickly pear extract powder used as raw material.

3. Cactus extract used in food and beverage field.

4. In health care products and supplement field, hoodia gordonii extract powder used as raw material.

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